NeuroHaptics Haptic Headband

The missing piece of the entertainment industry

Releases VR potential of entertainment

Eliminating negative effects and increasing immersion

Improving user experience will pave the way to transferring existing entertainment content into the VR domain and developing new one. It will result in value creation for both VR systems manufacturers and the global gaming industry.

Removes motion sickness

Resolving the conflict between visual, vestibular and tactile perception

Around 70% of people suffer negative effects of VR. NeuroHaptics solution based on haptics force-feedback allows for a comfortable VR experience. It eliminates nausea, dizziness, disorientation and other discomforts for longer and undisturbed VR sessions.

Enhances immersion

Haptics technology adding extra dimension to virtual reality

The use of vibrations and tactile effects enriches user sensations and gives a feeling of true immersion. Personal VR becomes as impressive as room-scale experience and available on-the-go.

Provides direction indication

Using haptic sensation for navigation

Kinaesthetic stimuli allow for spatial orientation and provide direction cues for pointing and aiming. Haptic guidance enables touch interactions in VR, helps navigate in games, training and teleoperations.

How it works

Heurohaptics Headband uses principles of kinesthetic communication. It creates tactile experience with the help of vibrations. The Headband gives user tactile feedback that corresponds to motion in the real world. Thus the feedback justifies the movement and the user's visual perception matches the vestibular and tactile sensations. It prevents the brain from inducing the “motion sickness” reflex.

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