NeuroHaptics Haptic Headband

Technology-based solution to motion sickness

Much needed

30 to 45% of passengers are affected by various discomforts of motion sickness. Headband removes nausea, dizziness, disorientation and makes traveling comfortable.


Based on neurohaptics technology. The use of vibrations helps resolve the conflict between visual, vestibular and tactile perceptions, “justifying” the movement to the brain.

Widely applied

Our headband can be used by kids, who are even more vulnerable to motion sickness. It’s a solution for traveling not only by car, but by air and water, too. Self-driving cars are another niche.

Easy to use

A lightweight and soft to touch, it’s comfortable to wear for long sessions. The headband can be used as standalone or integrated into a VR device.

How it works

Heurohaptics Headband uses principles of kinesthetic communication. It creates tactile experience with the help of vibrations. The Headband gives user tactile feedback that corresponds to motion in the real world. Thus the feedback justifies the movement and the user's visual perception matches the vestibular and tactile sensations. It prevents the brain from inducing the “motion sickness” reflex.

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